At last a politician willing to tell the people the truth
Tuesday, 18 November 2008 13:44

George Osborne has finally told us what we need to hear. The Conservatives will not match or keep to Labour spending plans if they are elected.

We the people don't seem to realise that the government does not have any money. When Gordon Brown talks about 'investment in public servies' etc, he is talking about spending our money. Governments get their money by taxing us. Spending means tax rises.

At last someone who is willing to end the political battle to waste our money.

I for one do not want my money poured into any of . . .

  • identity cards
  • more surveillance of the population
  • the 'Independent Safeguarding Authority'
  • more rules and targets
  • gold-plated pensions for civil servants
  • the war in Iraq
  • the war in Afghanistan
  • endless payments to young unemplyed women with children by different fathers
  • supporting immigrants and their dependents
The ferocity of the BBC's attack on Osborne is a clear sign that he's got it right. On the World at One, he was attacked mercilessly. You can be sure he's right when the BBC goes on the attack.

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