In denial, again!
Thursday, 13 November 2008 07:59

Alistair Darling is still in denial about the true state of the UK economy.

Darling Darling belongs to the school of thought whose mantra runs 'What I tell you three times is true'. Together with the rest of MPs and cabinet ministers he lives in an ivory tower akin to the life of a medieval monarch whose day is controlled by minders whose job is to keep bad news and reality away. That means Alastair has a stress-free time and can dream dreams and make bland pronouncements about a short sharp shock, he wonders what those words mean, but they sound good.

We all know that Downing Street, and in particular number 11, is a special place, the public have no access to it, and protest of any kind is impossible. No that protest would do any good. Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown totally disregard any form of protest and brush aside the most well-reasoned argument with one simple phrase - 'You don't understand'.

In all aspects NuLabour, and Gordon Brown especially do not want to hear any opposition. In 12 years they have all but destroyed civil society in the UK, turning it into a mulicultural hell hole, overpopulated and full of mistrust. The government, aided by the media, fuels mistrust and the overhyping of crimes then uses the resulting situation to introduce more and more respresive laws and petty regulations. The police and all levels of government can then use these laws to spy on, and persecute the people while at the same time the population is told that the government is being tough on crime.

The most shocking thing is that the population has not woken up to this yet, and still believe what darling Alistair and Gordon say.

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