NuLabour the New Puritans
Monday, 10 November 2008 08:46

The daily grind of work can wear people down, so it's good to relax and enjoy yourself. But, have you noticed that anything that people like is immediately denounced by NuLabour and Gordon Brown in particular.

Take alcohol as a good example. Most people like a drink, especially after work on a Friday night, or Saturday night. It's one of the great social institutions of British life. So it's no surprise to hear that the government is thinking of banning Happy Hours and pushing the price of booze up even more than they already have.

You would think that the people who have piled the tax onto beer, wines and spirits more than any other increase would be happy with all the money that's coming in. But not NuLabour and Gordon Brown. Now they want to ban supermarkets from discounting alcohol and impose minimum prices.

Perhaps they should look to Sweden where only state liquor outlets can sell alcohol and buying it is a sad experience where you go into a room with the bottles behind glass, select what you want then go and give the reference numbers to the staff and wait for your purchases.

Yes, that's what NuLabour would really like, total control over your life. Combine that with ID cards and surveillances cameras and they can see exactly who is buying alcohol and what they are buying.

All of this in not really surprising to some of us who know that Gordon Brown is the son of the manse, brought up in a strict way. Is this what we really want?

The real solution is getting people feeling better about themselves, then they will not feel the need to go out and get 'wasted'. The first step to getting there is a general election so we can rid ourselves of the control freaks in Westminster and get a party that believes in freedom instead of state micromanagment of every aspect of our lives.

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