Friday, 06 June 2008 12:56

Grodon Brown lurches on telling police to prosecute anyone carrying a knife

More knee-jerk politics and posturing from spinmaster Grodon. Once upon a time children could have their photos taken outside 10 Drowning St, as Harold Wilson did. No longer. It's not even possible to enter Downing St because of the 15 foot steel tankproof railings and the army of burly police that guard the prime minister and keep the public well away from his ivory tower.

From the heights of this edifice Gordon has decided that anyone carrying a knife show immediately go to jail. The man is so far removed from reality and common sense that he is ridiculous.

Young people carry weapons, not just knives, because they are afraid to be on our streets because the police are too busy prosecuting motorists for parking or filling in forms. When will they get out on the streets and make them safe?

So, for the next couple of weeks you will see a few high-profile searches, then it will be back to normal, bashing motorists, filling forms and protecting the rights of asylum seekers and migrant workers. 

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