The difference between Labour and the Conservatives
Wednesday, 13 August 2008 13:27

Labour or NuLabour and the Conservatives, what really is the difference?

They both seem to be fighting for the middle-ground of UK politics but there is one fundamental difference between them, there always has been and there always will be. So what is that difference, in a word freedom.

A few more words are needed to explain that fully.

Labour believe that they alone know how the people should behave, work, play and even think. Their fundamental motto is obey. That means in all things the people do what the government says. This is backed up by rules, regulations, checks, heavy policing, security in everything and everywhere. (Have you flown recently?)

The Conservatives believe in choice and less government, giving responsibility to people for their own actions and the consequences of those actions. So, if you mess things up, don't expect the state to come and make things right.

Here are some examples of Labour control freakery . . .

Northern Rock Bank - Failing bank nationalised by Labour to save a few thousand jobs around Newcastle. Cost - around 50 Billion pounds, with more being poured in and no sign of a return for the taxpayer.

CCTV cameras everywhere and an army of people spying on the population every day.

Plans for identity cards

Unreasonable powers for police to stop, search and inter people without trial

Unreasonable airport security

No demonstrations near parliament

Downing street totally closed off to the public



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