Motorists ripped off again
Thursday, 05 June 2008 07:49

More rip off of the motorist by Gordon Brown 

Gordon Brown spouts weasel words and misleading statistics in the same way most of us breathe - without thinking.

At Prime Minister's Questions on 4 June 2008 he claimed that the shake up in car tax (Vehicle excise duty) would save 1.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year and result in cleaner cars.

That's worth closer examination - how much is that in real terms?

In 2007 the UK produced 5800 m tonnes of CO2, so the saving of 1.3 m tonnes is 1/4 of 1%, put another way it's 2 hours CO2 production for the UK.

 Gordon Brown claims the government has a 'green' agenda, his taxation shows it's nothing more that stealth taxation and a massive tax grab aimed at motorists yet again.  Carbon emissions are currently trading at around 3 pounds a tonne, which values the saving at around 4 million pounds. The tax generated will be one billion pounds over the next two years. Over the same period the CO2 saving has a value of just 8 million pounds - WOW.

That's like buying something for 8 pounds and selling it for a thousand, no wonder it's rip-off Britain. 

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