Airline pollution duty - think again Cameron
Tuesday, 05 August 2008 14:15

David Cameron should think again about an airline pollution duty that would encourage airlines to fly with full planes. All that would happen is that the low-cost carriers in particular would cancel flights that has few passengers, leaving them stranded.

Don't believe it? It already happens. The low-cost carriers cancel flights with few passengers then quote some reason like 'technical problems', 'operational difficulties', 'exceptional circumstances' without going into any details. That leaves passengers stranded and VERY unhappy, but when you read the small print of their conditions of carriage you find that there's nothing you can do.

Look at the complaints section of this website and see some examples.

The airlines simply ignore complaints by making it difficult to find their address, then they just don't reply. What can customers do when their complaints are never answered? Most either forget to follow up the complaint, or can't be bothered, which means that the airlines get away with bad practices. Cameron needs to think again before he gives the airlines more excuses to provide bad service.

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