Hacker Gary McKinnon should not be sent to the US
Wednesday, 30 July 2008 12:00

Instead of trying to extradite Gary McKinnon the US should be thanking him for showing up the poor security on their systems.

Our Labour government should stand up to the US and simply say NO. There are too many people doing what the US wants simply to stay friends with them.

The so called special relationship between the UK and US is Master Servant, and the UK is certainly not the one with the whip hand. There are no reciprocal arrangements in place, our government should hang their heads with shame at allowing any British citizen to be sent to the US where they will be dealt with most hashly. The right course of action is to suspend our ratification of the extradition treaty until the US ratifies from their end. However, that requires balls, and as we all know Gordon Brown and the rest of his crewe don't have a deep voice between them. As far as the US is concerned we're still living in the times when Tony Bliar was the poodle.

In reality the US is the cause of many of our problems, the 'credit crunch' is directly caused by their sloppy banking procedures and the price of oil is a direct result of the weakness of the US dollar.

It's time to stand up for our citizens instead of abandoning them and shipping them off to a foreign power.

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