Poor website design, Internet Explorer is NOT the only browser!
Thursday, 27 May 2010 14:07

When you design a website accessibility is a major concern, you want everyone to be able to view it regardless of what computer they use, what operating system and browser. Usually you build in mechanisms that allow partially sighted people to use it and make things easy for people.

Usually - however, there are some designers and website owners that don't seem to give a monkey's [google for the other word!].

The people who put together birdtours.co.uk seem to be living in the past, because Internet Explorer working on a pc appears to be the only browser that can be used to show the site!

It's surprising that someone would put together a website, then make it so that only one browser on one platform could use it, but that's what seems to have happened here.

At the time of writing, birdtours.co.uk could only be viewed fully using IE on a PC.

The people at birdtours.co.uk are obviously aware of the problem, because there is a notice at the top-left hand corner of the homepage telling everyone that the site doesn't work with the Firefox browser.

We do wonder what gets into the heads of designers who go to the trouble of building a website then don't make it work for a large proportion of users, we think it's inconsiderate and shows a lack of skill. Scroll down to see the screenshots.

Here's what it looks like using Internet Explorer on a pc using XP. Note the header image and menu bar across the top, and also note the 'Regrettably not available to Firefox users . . .' etc (detail from the page shown)


birdtours.co.uk viewed with ie on pc

Just as a matter of interest we tried to access birdtours.co.uk using Firefox and Google's Chrome browser on a pc too. Here are the results.

birdtours.co.uk viewed with Firefox on a pc - notice how the banner image and menu is totally missing.

birdtours.co.uk homepage viewed with firefox on pc

birdtours.co.uk viewed with Google's Chrome browser on a pc - notice how the banner image and menu are missing

birdtours.co.uk homepage viewed with google chrome on a pc

and finally we tried with a Mac, only to find that firefox, chrome and safari didn't work.

birdtours.co.uk viewed with Firefox on a Mac

birdtours.co.uk viewed with firefox on Mac

Just to make life a bit more interesting, at the time of writing, you could only view birdpost.co.uk if you put the www. in front, and the html for the homepage is missing some vital information - the document type!

If someone from birdtours.co.uk reads this post here is a useful reference to document types that might help you sort out your site.

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