BBC budget bias?
Thursday, 25 March 2010 12:37

One has to question the impartiality of the BBC or the mentality of their news editors.

Following the budget that hiked up the price of petrol by yet another 3p a litre the BBC had the unmitigated gall to describe this as 'good news for motorists' the fuel duty rise has been phased in.

How one can describe a couple of month's postponement of a tax rise is a mystery, a tax is a tax, the money is being taken from the public without any consultation only to be squandered on Gordon Brown's pet projects. Let's look at where that money is likely to go . . .

  • the war in Afghanstan is budgetted to cost £4 billion in the next year
  • un-emplyed school leavers dole
  • family allowances for un-married mothers
  • family allowances for children of immigrants including those living abroad
  • housing immigrants
  • housing asylum seekers

Remember this is good news, or so the BBC says, no next time you fill up and it costs even more just remember 'it's good news for motorists'.

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