BBC budget bias?

Thursday, 25 March 2010 12:37

One has to question the impartiality of the BBC or the mentality of their news editors.

Following the budget that hiked up the price of petrol by yet another 3p a litre the BBC had the unmitigated gall to describe this as 'good news for motorists' the fuel duty rise has been phased in.

How one can describe a couple of month's postponement of a tax rise is a mystery, a tax is a tax, the money is being taken from the public without any consultation only to be squandered on Gordon Brown's pet projects. Let's look at where that money is likely to go . . .

  • the war in Afghanstan is budgetted to cost £4 billion in the next year
  • un-emplyed school leavers dole
  • family allowances for un-married mothers
  • family allowances for children of immigrants including those living abroad
  • housing immigrants
  • housing asylum seekers

Remember this is good news, or so the BBC says, no next time you fill up and it costs even more just remember 'it's good news for motorists'.


Manchester City Council petty enforcement

Wednesday, 03 December 2008 11:40

manchester city council

Motorists are an easy target for Manchester City Council and councils up and down the country. Labour has given them all the tools they need to hound car drivers and extract the maximum amount of money out of them on every possible occasion.

The latest money grabbing technique doesn't even involve the council in doing much. They can sit back and let the snooping cameras do the work. Neither do they need to do the work themselves, they can subcontract it out to someone.

There are over 4 million CCTV cameras in the UK, that's one of every 14 people. You are photographed at least 300 times a day. Have you ever wondered what all those images are used for and who has access to them? Here's one use.

car partially in bus lane

The driver of the white car was sent a penalty notice for going into a bus lane in prepration for a left turn.

In the bus lane for a few seconds, but that's enough for the automatic detection in the CCTV camera to pick it up and churn out the automatic penalty notice. Look carefully at the amount of traffic on the road. There is no way that the driver could have gained any advantage, and there are certainly no buses to delay.

This is yet another example of petty mindedness gone mad. Central government should has shown a complete lack of common sense by giving local councils the means to make war of car drivers. In general local councillors are a load of busibodies who have nothing better to do with their time that make life difficult for ordinary people. We should not forget that Manchester is the council that wants to build a special underground car park for councillors and special guests, so we should not be surprised at their attitude.

What can be done about a fixed penalty notice from Manchester City Council?

You can get some advice from this forum

You should write to your local councillor telling them that this is unjust and unreasonable.

Also write to your MP telling them the same and that the council is abusing its power. The more people who complain the more the government and council will have to explain themselves.

Send us your photos and we will consider putting them here on our website.


Manchester Councillors Double Standards

Sunday, 06 July 2008 06:30

The same labour councillors who want to introduce congestion charges in Manchester also want to build a special underground car park for themselves, a handful of top officials and a few pre-approved official visitors.

This bunch of labour hypocrites wants to force you and I to leave our cars at home and use public transport while they swan into the city into their reserved spaces. To add further insult the site of the proposed bunker car park is just yards from a Metro station.

Another example of taxing and lauding it over the people while squandering public money and adding special privileges for labour.