Fairness - This is fairness in Labour Britain
Thursday, 15 April 2010 07:27

Gordon Brown talks about creating a fairer society as if he were talking about creating a land fit for heroes to live in. So how fair is it that a soldier who lost BOTH legs in the service of his country is offered £150,000 in compensation yet a young unmarried mother, also a solder, is claiming £1.14 million from the army because she couldn't find childcare and missed a parade?

That's the truly ridiculous values that Labour Britain puts on people, in the one case we have a man who gave his all and suffered terrible injuries, including severe brain injuries, and the other is an unmarried mother who has suffered no physical injuries.

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This kind of lunacy has become so common that we no longer thinks it's anything odd, but in reality it's killing the country. Remember this when you are ready to mark that X.

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