Public accountability is a sham
Thursday, 04 March 2010 07:49

Time after time we hear politicians bleating on about public accountability, telling us that they are accountable to the electorate for what they do. Public accountability is a sham, politicians know it and worse still, we the electorate know it, accept it and collude with the politicians in accepting it.

Local councils are said to be accountable to the public, but clearly they are not. A good example is Lancaster, here, councillors are elected en masse (the whole council) every 4 years. That means 4 years for them to mess up, overcharge and waste money on loony schemes with no accountability to the public.

National government is no better, there the government is elected for 5 years during which they can do what they like and the public has no say.

You can write to your MP, but as other sections of this website show, all you will get is a patronising response from some junior minister telling you that you simply don't understand and that this is how things are.

In recent times we see various committees of MPs, such as the Public Accounts Committee, producing highly critical reports about government spending or policies, but nothing happens and the lunacy continues.

An excellent example is the Equality and Human Rights Commission, set up to replace - the Commission for Racial Equality, the Disability Rights Commission and the Equal Opportunities Commission. Three quangos that should have been replaced by nothing. Instead they were replaced by a body that is to employ 525 people. What do 525 people employed in this way do?

This has been a disaster, so far it has cost nearly 40 million pounds, just to run down the original bodies and set up the new, and then the real costs will kick in. Staff were made redundant then re-hired on inflated salaries, the head honcho was paid £1000 a day, all new computers were purchased at a cost of nearly £10 million and similar waste and mis-management propagated.

It makes no difference how critical the Public Accounts Committee is, no-one will be sacked, no-one will be demoted and the waste will continue. Staff will continue on the gravy train and we the public will pick up the cost and at the same time have ridiculous, politically-correct dogma forced down our throats.

So much for 'public accountability'.

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