Political correctness gone mad in our police
Monday, 08 February 2010 22:00

The dreadful case of Commander Ali Dizaei who was today jailed highlights the culture of institutional political correctness and the insidious result that it has had.

Senior police should have grasped the nettle at the first signs of a problem, instead they let the nettle grow and grow. As it grew the poisoned spines becames more and more unpleasant. No-one wanted to touch them for fear of getting stung. The result, a huge nettle that became almost untouchable. The cost in both financial and loss of public trust is enormous.

The public needs to be asking some serious questions about why the nettle was allowed to grow, the first words that come to mind are political correctness. Who wants to take on the president of the Metropolitan Black Police Association and immediately be branded a racist? One might ask why there is such an organisation as the Metropolitan Black Police Association and question whether there could be a Metropolitan White Police Association.

We should be questioning the Home Secretary who is the person to whom all police ultimately report.

This corrupt policeman has been suspended on full pay for 18 months and may have left many members of the public intimidated because they were too frightened to speak against him. This is simply not good enough. Our politicians are untimately to blame and we should be calling for a heavier penalty.

Like racism, political correctness has no place in the uniformed services.

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