Airport fiasco yet again
Thursday, 31 December 2009 09:30

Air travel has become a nightmare, passengers are vilified by government and the do-gooding green gestapo while the real villains are left in peace to avoid hurting their feelings.

Nigerian-born Abdulmutallab who tried to blow up a plane in the US told investigators that there are “many more like me” waiting in Yemen to launch attacks on the West. We all know that, the government knows it too. Take a look at the photographs of these people, what do you see? Do you see white Christians - NO, we see young black or asian men. We all know who the prime suspects are, the US has a special list of countries that it singles out for special screening, but not the UK. Our government is more concerned about political correctness and making everyone suffer. The oddly-named Lord Adonis needs to get real and start doing airport security like the Israelis, where most people walk through and the likely bad guys are pulled aside for special treatment. Yes this may upset muslims and a few others, but it's what is needed.

Taking bottles of water off people does nothing but antogonise the vast majority. Labour has turned Britain into an authoritairn state where everyone is guilty until proved innocent. Our ministers are incapable of assessing risk, instead they simply roll out knee-jerk reactions that cost travellers millions of pounds. What they should be doing is considering some of the real problems, for example . . .

  • 275 cyclists killed or seriously injured on UK roads every month
  • 20 children under 14 killed in accidents in the home every month
  • over 200 people killed in road accidents every month
These are shocking statistics, yet one small incident on an aircraft is headlined for days and has everyone running around like headless chickens. Ministers need to get things in proportion and stop chasing headlines and start assessing risk by applying a bit of common sense.

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