BA should go to the wall
Tuesday, 15 December 2009 08:07

British Airways, BA, should not continue in business, it should go to the wall.

The staff at BA have long had an attitude problem, to management and more importantly to passengers. In truth too many of the staff are a snooty bunch who like to priss around in their fancy uniforms and put passengers down at every opportunity. They have pay and perks that are the envy of every other airline and in the modern world such things are outdated and unaffordable.

Let's not forget that all those perks are paid for by our fares.

BA 'owns' more than half of the take-off and landing slots at Heathrow, they use this to squeeze the competition - no airline should own these slots, such things should be open to proper competition. BA still lives in the days when it was the national carrier, flying the flag for Britain. That's no longer the case, it's another company in a sea of airlines.

BA has a mega-problem from the past that is never going to be solved. That's the pension fund deficit. The company is worth around £1.5 billion, but its pension fund needs an injection of £3.7 billion. Basically it's bust already and has no chance of ever sorting the finances out.

Anyone who strikes over the Christmas period not only deserves to go out of business, but SHOULD go out of business. We the travelling public need to remember this, and next time we're going to book a flight book with ABBA, anyone but BA.

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