Prof David Nutt is right
Saturday, 31 October 2009 11:00

Jackie Smith and Gordon Brown did reclassify cannabis for political reasons, there can be no doubt of it. But what do you expect from two people who are so out of touch with reality?

Gordon Brown is like a medieval monarch who never comes into contact with real people so he could never know what they were like. The same for Ms Smith.

If you want to know what happens when something is banned you only have to look to the prohibition era in the US. There you saw what happened when alcohol was banned. Tell me what is the difference between the situation then with alcohol and the situation now with drugs.

Criminal gangs are making fortunes and violence is everywhere. The government keeps drugs banned and criminalises whole swathes of the population for no good reason expect political dogma.

The US realised this and prohibiton ended. It's time the same was applied to drugs, once you have them legalised you can control what happens, more importantly you can TAX them. At a stroke you take away all the problems of Afghanistan because the poppy farmers can legally grow and sell their crops.

Why is it that our politicians can't see this - because their minds are closed!

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