Guilty until proved otherwise
Friday, 11 September 2009 08:14

If you're an adult then in Labour's Britain you are a pedophile, child abuser and worse unless and until you can prove otherwise.

That's the reality of more new restrictive laws that have come into force.

No-one asked for these petty rules and regulations but this is the price of living under Labour.

All of this comes about because of a couple of child murders, regrettable as that is, our government now works on a knee-jerk reaction to everything and a pathalogical need to be seen to be doing something about everything.

The facts are simple and there for anyone to see, 20 children a month killed in accidents in the home, 120 teenagers knifed to death in London in the first 9 months of 2009. A jumbo jet load of people killed in road collisions every month.

With figures like that why is our government wasting our time and money on its vetting and barring organisation?

We are the people of the country are powerless to stop any of this lunacy. When the government trots out their stock phrases like ' encouraging a public debate' and asking for comments on proposals they have no intention of taking any notice. All they want is to be seen to have asked and then they will go on and do whatever it was anyway.

After the MP's expense debacle we were promised different politics, but as they say 'A week is a long time in politics' so most people have already forgotten all about the expenses scandal.

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