Contol freakery gone mad
Saturday, 21 February 2009 11:08

Labour has always been the party of control, like the soviet communists.

The allocation of school places is sometimes a contentious issue, naturally parents want the best for their children and are prepared to go to some lengths to get it. However, when you have a government that is driven by jealousy and micromanagement of people's lives you get lunacy of a grand scale.

School places are now being allocated be lottery and affirmative action, which means that less-able children are being deliberately selected. The result is a disaster for the UK. We want the best education for those able to benefit from it. To put it bluntly there is no point casting pearls before swine. Many of these children will be disruptive influences on the more-able and so bring down the overall standard.

That means that in the future the UK will be less able to compete and this mess feeds the downward spiral of educational standards.

We need to favour bright children wherever they come from otherwise we are doomed as a nation. Labour has got one more thing wrong.


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