Community Payback vests
Tuesday, 30 December 2008 18:29

So, there have been instances of offenders who are doing community service and wearing the vests that say "Community Payback' being abused.

Now the do-gooders in our society have something else to whinge and whine about.

Let's get something straight, people who commit crimes should be punished. Punishment is meant to be nasty. It should be something that offenders do not like, something that they will remember, and something that they do not want to experience again.

Being called a few names and publically humiliated seems a fitting punishment to me. Anything that makes offenders remember that they have done something wrong, and that they don't want to happen again seems fitting.

There was a lot less crime when young thugs were birched, clipped around the ear by policemen with three-penny bits in the end of their gloves and dealt with in a similar way. When teachers could deliver a quick punishment there was no disruption in class. For example, in my school if the teacher saw you talking in class or doing something wrong you were called to the front of the class. There you stood facing the class. It was your job to pick the next offender. You watched very well, very carefully, because the boy who was stood at the front when the bell went got whacked with a gym shoe. It worked like magic. Everyone was very quiet.

Boys who were given detention would go and ask if they could take the cane instead of detention too.

Today teachers and others in charge have no sanction against unruly children or petty offenders.

Offenders should be treated harshly so they remember and don't want to go there again.

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