Social workers sacked for circulating fake email, but not for failing baby P
Tuesday, 25 November 2008 09:00

More proof that the lunatics are running the asylum comes today as the Daily Mail highlights the sacking of social workers and other council staff, plus final written warnings to other council staff, their crime was to circulate an email with a fake image of Gary Glitter carrying a child in a supermarket carrier bag.

You can read the story and see the image here

This is a trivial matter, just another fake email that is circulating and has been for months according to internet sources.

How does that compare to the treatment of the social workers and management of Haringay Council were treated? No-one lost their job! Read more

It is incredible, here you have social workers and so-called professionals who did not do their job, but they were not sacked. What does it need to make people accountable?

Britain has gone totally mad with human rights, political correctness and the 'Health and Safety' culture where you can not put a notice on the wall unless it is behind glass because it is a fire hazard mentality.

The answer is that it's easy to prove that someone forwarded an email, very easy. Just look at the top and there is the proof.

Another example is parking, it's so easy to send traffic wardens out to put tickets on cars, persecuting motorists is easy.

But proving that a social worker was incompetent is more difficult. Yes a child died, yes that child was visited twice a week for months, yes the child was tortured to death, but the social worker didn't notice and  . . . and so it goes on. Incompetence in government, incompetence in social services, incompetence all around us, but nothing happens.

We all know who is not doing their job, who the incompetents are but nothing gets done about it.

No accountability. Welcome to NuLabour's Britain.

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