Mother needs criminal records check to be with son
Friday, 11 July 2008 10:58

If we need proof that political correctness and the breakdown of families has gone too far under the Labour government look no further.

Jayne Jones, mother of Alex who suffers from severe epilepsy needs a criminal records bureau certificate to prove her fitness. For heaven's sake, this is the lad's mother, what does the council think she is going to do to him? She is responsible for him 24 hours a day, but council officials have banned her from travelling in the taxi that they provide to take him to school because she does not have criminal records bureau clearance.

To add further to the mothe'r's problems she will have to pay for the check.

Alex is forced to travel alone, despite the fact that only his parents are trained and able to use the special life-saving equipment that has to be carried.

The Labour government has introduced many anti-family policies like this. They have encouraged and fostered the breakdown of trust between adults and children with safety rules, regulations and bans. It means that adults are considered guilty unless they have submitted to all the checks. This means adults are unwilling to help children or take responsibility and this means that children and young people loose out even more as there are less activities for them.

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