Young people unempolyed but still the immigrants stroll in
Wednesday, 12 October 2011 07:40

One is always amazed that we have millions of young people (under 24) unemployed and still the government claims there is a skills shortage as one of the reasons for letting immigrants into the country.

We spend a fortune educating our young people then give jobs to newcomers from abroad whilst paying our own children to do nothing.

We subsidise the production of the next generation of unemployed by paying child benefits and still allow immigrants to bring in their wives and families to breed more.

What has got into the minds of our politicians? Can they not see what is happening to this country?

Sadly the answer no, our politicians are too focussed on their own adgenda to even listen to what the people have to say. They are interested in us once in a while, at election time, when all they want is our cross on the ballot paper. After that we are back to the elected dictatorship that passes for democracy in the UK.

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