10 years of war in Afghanistan a lost cause
Thursday, 30 June 2011 06:08

Why have we wasted 10 years of war in Afghanistan?

Our young men, and a handful of women have been sacrificed to Tony Blair and George Bush's war vanity. It's dragged on for ten years, for those with an eye for statistics, that's as long as 1914 - 1918 and 1939 - 1945 put together. Admitedly less have been killed on our side, but that's not surprising, we just don't have the huge numbers to send over the top and be mown down by enemy machine guns.

What have we achieved ?

The Taliban can still mount an attack and take a major hotel in the middle of Kabul killing civilians and the Afghan army - does it deserve that title? - still had to call in US firepower to kill off the enemy. We have achieved nothing. It's another Vietnam.

We need to face the facts and get out, we can't afford to keep pouring money down the drain. There are only two sources of money in Afghanistan, growing poppies and accepting aid money. The US and UK governments seem to believe they can buy off the Afghans, well they tried that in the 800s with the Danes, we paid them to go home. Back then things were simpler, we paid by handing over chests of silver and gold in vast quantities. The Danes responded by using the largess to pay more fighters and come back again and again for more. It just shows we never learn.

Now dear David Cameron has his own war, Libya, yet another money sink - no objective, no exit strategy and no way for the people of the UK to voice their mistrust of the government.

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