Olympic madness
Friday, 24 June 2011 12:26

Politicians are not the most sensible breed of people at the best to times, but when it comes to national prestige projects such as the Olympic games even they rise to new heights of incompetence scaling previously unconquered peaks with the ease of a mountain goat. To make matters worse the population actually believes the rubbish they say and seem to want more of it.

Look back 7 years to Athens, the Greek government spent around 27 billion euros on the games, today the legacy is rotting buildings that have been looted of electrical fittings, copper pipe and anything else that can be sold for scrap while the rest of the EU is asked to bale out the Greeks. Maddness on a grand scale.

But wait a moment and look a little closer to home.

The UK is hosting the 2010 Olympic games, the ticket sales mechanism is a fiasco worthy of the Greeks, especially the recent increases in salary that the organisers have given themselves, reputely in the region of 13%. A massive handout by an standard, but in this supposed age of austerity it is hard to see how the government can stand by and allow it to happen. Oh, but let's not forget that many ministers and other hanger's on will be getting the best seats at the games without even having to enter a lottery and certainly without parting with any cash.

The Olympic games are a white elephant, the cost will haunt our grandchildren - except that governments will be keeping the cost hidden now and in the future.

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