Air cargo security is nothing to do with passengers
Monday, 01 November 2010 11:59

Air cargo security is nothing to do with passengers, so why are people talking about keeping restrictions on passengers or even tightening them?

Cargo is cargo, passengers are passengers. Passengers go through one security process while cargo is handled separately, any fool should know that, unfortunately we still have idiots running security.

Security has become a self-sustaining industry that is allowed to continue to harass passengers and pile even more charges and restrictions on them. Security staff are in the most part morons who are not fit the wipe the arses of passengers, yet they are put in a position of authority where they can exercise their vindictiveness and spite on passengers.

Any frequent flyer will tell you stories about how airport security staff are full of malice and how badly they treat the people who pay their wages. Security staff routinely treat passengers like dirt and get away with it. They are supported by their supervisors who must know what is going on, but turn a blind eye to it.

How is it that every time there is a proposal to relax airport security and make travelling a little less stressful and difficult a new plot is discovered? Coincidence? Think again!

The two are linked are surely as day follows night.

Our government should stop kowtowing to the US and start looking after the interests of UK citizens. If the US doesn't like it we should tell them where to go.

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