1 million children in households where no-one works
Friday, 28 May 2010 06:23

The most shocking statistic of modern times, there are one million children in the UK living in households where no-one works.

That means you and I, the taxpayers, are picking up all the bills too, that's all the associated costs of housing, transport, clothes etc etc.

Children are a choice - with them comes responsibility. Why oh why does the government give money in the form of tax credits, the thing that used to be called 'family allowance'? What is the purpose of it?

In this day and age there is absolutely no excuse for unwanted pregnancies, free contraception is available to all, and abortion almost on demand. That means that children are a choice. Children are expensive but there is no reason whatsoever that parents should be given extra money. The Labour government has set up ridiculous systems of payments and rights for parents that are simply unaffordable. There is no reason why women need so long off work and no reason why their jobs should be kept open for such extended periods.

We need to take a long hard look at our population, Labour has encouraged immigration which has meant the UK has more people and official statistics show that new immigrants are breeding much faster than the rest.

The cure for all our problems is less people, that means less benefits to pay, less to educate, less housing needed - less of everything. Yes, it means that in the future there will be less paying tax, but it's a fact that we can't have an ever-expanding population.

Nothing will change until politicians start to tell us about population control and the place to start is with people paying the true cost of children.

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