Gordon Brown's 'bigoted woman' remark tells us everything
Wednesday, 28 April 2010 12:14

Listening to Gordon Brown in Rochdale we heard the PM being tackled by a disgruntled voter, Gillian Duffy, a Labour voter at that. Next we hear him spitting mad and calling her a 'bigoted woman'. Yes, the PM's word not ours.

What does this tell us about Gordon Brown?

The man is two faced, nice as pie to the Mrs Duff's face, but that was a sham, as soon as he was into his car his true self came out. He was mad, MAD! Fuming mad. 'Bigoted woman' he called her. Let's remember that when he said it he meant it, that was his true self shining through. He might apologise, but an apology costs him nothing, it's just an attempt to gloss over his 'bigoted woman' gaff.

Do you really trust this man? Do you believe him?

Remember that he made all the right noises when talking to this Gillian Duffy, but as soon as he was in private his true anger and feelings came out.

This is not the man to lead our country any longer, remember that if it had been you, then he would have been calling you a 'bigoted man or woman'.

No matter what dear Gordon says now, the fact is that when he called Mrs Duffy a 'bigoted woman' he meant it!

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