Organs stripped from bodies without consent
Sunday, 11 April 2010 20:20

The Labour government's incompetence with IT projects is legendary, this website has highlighted the massive waste of taxes that has taken place on several occasions. The simple truth of the matter is that government, and Labour in particular can not be trusted with our information.

The latest scandal concerns organ donation and has resulted in 800,000 people having the wrong details on the government's database, so that when they die their wishes will not be respected. This is breaktaking incompetence. After the Alder Hey Hospital scandal where pathologists routinely stripped organs out of dead children without telling parents we now have organs stripped out of dead bodies against the wishes of the person themselves.

Don't forget that Gordon Brown is the guy who will tell you that you can trust Labour with your fingerprints, iris scans and all your health records.

The fact is that Labour has no respect for the electorate, we are here to pay taxes so that Gordon and his cronies can lavish it onto their pet projects, like identity cards, biometric passports and the war in Afghanistan.

Remeber the dead people whose organs were whipped out of their bodies against their wishes when you mark your cross in the forthcoming election, if you were not going to vote then remember it could be you and do the right thing, get out on polling day and vote.

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