We need different airport security not more
Friday, 01 January 2010 08:34

It's a simple fact that no airport security has every found the bits and pieces that fanatics use to make bombs. In other words it's a charade, something that governments do for two reasons. Firstly ministers want to be seen to be doing something, that reassures the public, or so they think, and it makes ministers feel that their backs are covered. Secondly it makes the public more compliant, once you get people into a state of fear and tell them that only you can save them from sudden and certain death they are willing to accept all manner of intrusions into their lives and privacy that they would normally not even contemplate.

So it is with the labour government, we should never forget that this is the party of the left which was born from communism and believes in dumbing-down and reducing everything to the lowest possible standard - if you don't think that's true just look at the UK education system and the recent proposals for 2-year degrees etc.

What we actually need is carefully targeted security in our airports, no making everyone guilty and treating them like sh*t, which is what happens at the moment. What we're looking for is the one person in a hundred million who is the problem, that is not easy to find, but it does not mean that the other 99,999,999 should be treated like criminals and make to pay for the process.

Two things we can all do to help - NEVER visit the United States - that will send a clear message that the US understands - money. Cut that off and maybe they will stop being so paranoid. Second write to your MP and tell them that airport security needs to change. You can also write to the leader of the opposition and tell David Cameron you will not vote for his party if it continues the theatre of airport security.

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