Copenhagen chaos
Wednesday, 16 December 2009 16:35

The summit meeting in Copenhagen descended further into farce and chaos today with the resignation of the chairman.

Gordon Brown is there shooting his mouth off as usual promising to take us deeper into debt to lavish money on so-called 'poor countries', while we back home are over taxed and burdened with more debt than the government will ever admit.

Brown and Milliband the climate change minister seem hell-bent on bankrupting UK plc one way or another. This is lunacy of the worst kind. This pair are giving away our future and that of our children and grandchildren on the basis of dodgy science.

We the public are kept in the dark about the real science although we do that climategate is real. Evidence is coming from other scientific areas that the government simply sidelines reports it doesn't like or rubbishes them and their authors. In some cases the people producing the reports are made to sign non-disclosure agreements, which means they can't even talk about having done the research let alone release the details to the public or write about them in scientific journals.

Brown will do anything to get re-elected and is making sure that if he doesn't then the situation that is left for the incoming government is as bad as it possibly can be. He will then be able to shout that the new government is getting things wrong.

An incoming conservative government would be well advised to stand back and make Brown run the economy for another couple of years and clear up his own mess.

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