Terrorists are not stupid, but Gordon Brown thinks we are
Wednesday, 11 November 2009 18:51

The government has finally called off it's attempt to design and build a massive database to contain all the details of everyone's telephone calls, email, texts and internet browsing.

Good thing you might say, but it's only the Government-controlled central database that is called off. However, with this government's success rate with large IT projects there was never anything to worry about. They simply don't have the competence to carry out the work, and it would be so far behind schedule that it would never really work.

What is more of concern is that Internet service providers and other companies are to be forced to keep records, and paid for their trouble. That's a bit more worrying because the private sector does have the capability.

Ask yourself what is the difference between keeping all your digial communications and opening and photocopying all your post? If the government thought they could get away with that they would do it.

Just why does the government want to know about every phone call, text or email and where you browse to? They tell us it's to track terrorists. The government must think we're idiots, and that terrorists are even more stupid.

Read on and we'll show why it will not work and how anyone can easily communicate without being traced.

Why such plans will not track terrorists

Phone data

If you were a terrorist would you use your home telephone to call your fellow conspirators? Not likely! Would you use a mobile on a monthly plan paid off your bank? Not likely?

No, you would walk into a high-street shop, purchase a couple of pay as you go mobiles and voila, you can talk all you want and no-one knows who you are. You can then buy loads of SIM cards and keep changing them around. It doesn't take a lot of thought.

So why is the government wanting this data?


It's almost a trivial task to encrypt your emails with strong encryption that is 'good enough to protect you from a major government'. It's easy to have many different email addresses too. So who does the government think they are kidding.

Internet browsing

So you don't want to be traced while you are browsing, try these ideas . . .

No 1. Use a wireless router and leave it running without any security. That way anyone can connect to it and use it. That means there is no record of who was connected so whatever records of browsing that do exist could have been anyone, and it's going to be jolly difficult to say it was you.

No 2. Walk down you your local Internet cafe and use their computers, no-one is going to ask for your name and address or demand photo id!

No 3 Use a secure browsing service. There are many of them, they are like tunnels. You browser to an innocuous url, then from there you are routed to anywhere you like without trace.



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