Tamiflu - hyped to death
Monday, 10 August 2009 18:36

Basically Tamiflu can be worse than the symptoms of so called swin flu. Taking this stuff can reduce the symptoms by 24 hours, the side effects are awful. As someone who took a similar anti-viral drug for shingles some years ago your author can confirm that the side effects were truly dreadful, nausea, headaches, sickness. Treatment was discontinued after 24 hours, the treatment was worse than the illness.

The problem we have is that this disease has been hyped up by alarmist politicians who are keen to keep us all in fear. Fear is the province of politicians who have nothing more to offer and Gordon and his political pygmies have run out of steam. All they have left is fear and they are masters at peddling it. Just listen to how they talk about the opposition.

Listen to the sound bites that the BBC uses of parents who sound like they are in a panic because their child is sick. Don't these people realise that children do get sick and it's quite normal. Children don't die easily, they are tough. In the past they survived childhood illnesses and got stronger - today's children and bubble-wrapped by parents who should know better.

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