'Foreign policy can never be the same again' says Gordon Brown
Tuesday, 21 July 2009 21:34

So Clown Brown thinks "Foreign policy can never be the same again."

He followed that up by saying that  "Policies must instead be formed by listening to the opinions of people."

Well Gronad get you ears open. People are telling you things all the time, but you are in Downing Street, if may have escaped your attention but ordinary people, the ones that pay your wages and were stupid enough to vote for your party, are not even allowed into Downing Street.

Do you remember the 1.75 million who signed the petition on the Downing Street website telling the government to think again about fuel taxes? You may like to repeat what message Bliar rattled off to the people.

Now you tell us that policies must be formed by listening to the people  - get your ears and eyes open. People are telling you what they want and what they think all the time. The truth of the matter is that you don't want to hear it unless it fits with your thinking.

You have not been in contact with any real people for so long that you have forgotten what they are. Downing Street and the places you frequent are as far distant from the people of England as you can get, it's like the other end of the universe.

It's not foreign policy that has to change it's every aspect of domestic policy. We the people have the technology - all we need is for politicians to Listen to the People!


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