MG Rover enquiry breathtaking failure
Tuesday, 07 July 2009 14:51

Four years in the making and writing, 16 million pounds of public money and still delayed. That's the enquiry into the collapse of MG Rover the midlands car maker.

This labour government has decided that they need to ask the Serious Fraud Squad to waste more public money investigating whether or not there are grounds for a prosecution. The answer is pretty obvious to anyone with two brain cells that work.

The Serious Fraud Squad should be investigating why the government doesn't want the report published, and the most likely reason is that there is something in there that is highly embarrasing to labour, Gordon Brown or Tony Blair and that this is a convenient way of keeping that out of the news.

Eventaully the truth will come out, but how many more millions of public funds will have been wasted is anyone's guess, and by then it will be so far in the past that no-one will care. But isn't that convenient for the government?

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