Death knell for ID cards
Wednesday, 01 July 2009 06:52

Finally a bit of common sense as the new Home Secretary Alan Johnson announces that ID cards will not be compulsory.

Why has this ridiculous waste of money not been scrapped? - because it's one of Gordon Brown's pet ideas. Somehow he has the wild imagining that forcing the British people to carry ID cards will make them safer. This is totally absurd. All it will do is allow the police and other petty officials to demand to see ID more and more.

We are already plagued by demands for ID from banks, building societies etc on the grounds of 'money laundering', what is really going on is that information is being gathered to make tax evasion more difficult and keep an eye on every citizen. It is nothing to do with stopping so-called 'organized crime'. This is a convenient bogey to roll out whenever an unacceptable bit of legislation is being forced through parliament.

Now look out for more devious intrusion into your life in the form of biometric passports. The only reason the government is keen on these is that the US has decided that it wants them. We as a nation should stand up and say NO! firmly and loudly. If that means that the US will not accept our passports then we should offer the option of two differenet passports, with different price tags of them.

People wanting to visit the US could easily have a passport update to include the fingerprints. You can bet your life that the police and uncle Tom Cobbley and all will soon have access to your fingerprints. These will be scanned on a daily basis without your knowledge or consent.

We should not be required to give our fingerprints or other body information like DNA unless we are convicted of a criminal offence.

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