Vegetarians in contol of meat production - pure lunacy or contempt?
Tuesday, 30 June 2009 07:10

When Gordon Brown appointed vegetarians to run agriculture and farming was he trying to tell farmers of the contempt in which he holds them, or trying to make sure that life became as difficult as possible for them and the whole meat industry?

Hilary Benn, MP for Leeds Central and Secretary of State, plus Poplar & Canning Town's Jim Fitzpatrick are both vegetarians. These people can not seriously do a job where they are in direct control of something they don't want to happen - ie meat production.

Dan Norris has recently joined them, MP for North East Somerset Dan Norris has a website that is loaded with anti-hunt propaganda. On his website he points out that David Cameron would repeal the ban on hunting, the impression is that Dan Norris is fiercy anti-hunting.

With a team headed by two vegetarians and an anti-hunting person what message is being sent to the farming community?

It is unlikely that any progress of farming will be made when vegetarian townies are in charge.

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