BAA unfit to run the proverbial in a brewery
Monday, 29 June 2009 08:53

BAA Limited, the owner and operator of all the UK's London airports plus other airports around the UK has shown itself unfit to run the proverbial piss up in a brewery many times.

The latest fiasco at Heathrow T5 simply demonstrates what happens when you run everything at full capacity. Heathrow is run at full capacity all the time. When something goes wrong there is no slack, no room for manoevre and certainly no help for anyone caught up in the shambles that follows.

Like Gordon Brown, BAA does not do 'contrition' in any serious way. Instead it offers bland non-committment and nothing more.

Read the official statements from BAA and you'll see exactly what we mean.

Sunday night's official BAA statement said: "We are working hard with our colleagues at British Airways to help passengers to continue their journeys.

"We hope that passengers wishing to depart tonight will be able to do so and we are sorry for the obvious inconvenience to travellers and British Airways."

You might paraphrase that . . . 'We have no idea when things will be fixed. We don't know what is really going on. Loads of passengers have been let down but who cares.'

The official words from British Airways were: "As a result of the problem some passengers have been unable to check in bags. Check-in has now reopened but there will be some delays.

"We apologise to our customers for the inconvenience. We are doing everything we can to minimise disruption."

Masters of the understatement. Read those words several times and imagine yourself with baggage but unable to check in. You are stuck in a dreadful place with few seats, some of the most expensive food and drink in the world and no help. That's the reality of Heathrow at the best of times.

BAA, wants to add another runway to Heathrow, it would mean taking a huge swathe of countryside, 700 homes and lots more. The UK does not need to convert more countryside into overpriced shopping for people who are changing flights.

If you complain to Heathrow you will be fobbed off with stonewall answers - see the series here

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