Bizzare expense claims from MPs
Thursday, 14 May 2009 13:11

From fuffy dusters to hedge trimming, servicing ride-on mower and chaffeur-driven cars there seems no end to the imaginative ways that MPs have spent our money.

It is no exageration to say that the Speaker of the House of Commons has fought tooth and nail to prevent the publication of these details. One awaits the details of his expenses with bated breath and some excitement.

If the reports appearing in the Daily Telegraph are true then there are two conclusions . . .

1 The Telegraph should be reimbursed any money that it paid to get hold of the expense details from public funds because disclosure is in the public interest. We would never have known the half of this scandal without the Telegraph.

2 The police should mount a full scale investigation into MPs expenses and prosecute to the fullest extent possible under the law any MP who appears to have fiddled the system.

Finally, the Speaker of the House of Commons should be sacked today for mishandling the whole affair.

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