Incompetence, Incompetence, Incompetence
Tuesday, 10 February 2009 17:27

Tony Blair said something three times to emphacise his message, so it seems reasonable to say incompetence, incompetence, incompetence about the Gordon Brown  government in the UK.

Day after day the situation in the UK gets worse and worse. The banks collapse and are baled out by the taxpayer and bankers demand their eye-watering bonuses. The prime minister declares that he is very angry. He can be as angry as he likes, but ultimately he is to blame.

Who did the deal with the banks and didn't give any thought to making the rescue money conditional on lower pay, no bonuses and better lending practices?

Brown and his ministers are a joke. The only reason they are still in power is that there is no-one to sack them. Their policies have ruined the UK. Our children and grandchildren will still be paying for this mess in 20 years. The rest of us will have to limp along while bankers enjoy their ill-gotten bonuses and MPs enjoy their allowances and expenses.

The British people have had the stuffing knocked out of them to the extent that they can't stand up and defend themselves. Their education is so poor that they don't understand what has happened and their apathy is such that they don't care.

What a sorry state the country is in, that's the legacy of 12 years of Labour.

Think about that next time you get the chance to vote - most of the population will not even bother to walk up the road and do their bit to rid us of these idiots.

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