Brown and Mandleson can't even get the flag right
Wednesday, 04 February 2009 09:53

At a signing ceremony our illustrious prime minister Gordon Clown and his new right-hand man Mandleson coudn't even get the flag right.

See pictures on the BBC website

No doubt they will say that such details are not their concern, they are only really interested in the bigger picture. That should not be true. Government needs to get the detail right. It's the kind of thing that should be top of the priority list, can you imagine the diplomatic row that would have broken out if they had got the Chinese flag wrong way up.

Sadly this is a reflection on the whole government attitude. GB and cronies are interested in one thing, power, hanging on to power and using that power to get what they want regardless of the cost to the British people.

We don't live in a democracy any longer, it is a dictatorship led from No 10.

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