Gordon Brown tells the truth for once?
Saturday, 31 January 2009 17:37

In an amazing turnaround Gordon Brown said there is 'no clear map'.

What he says confirms what 'Listen to the People dot co dot uk' has been saying for some time, he doesn't have the first idea what to do and is dithering around making policy with knee jerk reactions to daily events.

Let's try to put things into perspective, we're all familiar with the idea that the internet is huge and there are vast numbers of websites and pages out there. A search of Google for just the letter 'a' revealed that there are 16,510,000,000 pages containing that which is probably a good estimate of the total pages. That's 16.5 billion. These commedians in the UK government are spending 5 million on ID cards, 10 billion on the olympic games and a billion on the ContactPoint database. That's equivalent to one pound for every page on the internet and on just three things.

Add to that the hundreds of billions that are promised to bale out the banks and you get some idea of how much they are floundering around and squandering our children's taxes and our grandchildren's taxes.

Our descendants will still be paying for this in 20 years regardless of who gets in at the next election.

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