Microsoft fake XP action
Friday, 05 December 2008 16:57

It is not surprising that people are selling fake copies of Microsoft's XP operating system. Microsoft has stopped selling it themselves, and is pushing customers onto their Vista operating system. Microsoft has taken no notice of customers who want to stay with XP, but given them no alternative to Vista.

I bought a laptop recently and had no choice, it was Vista or nothing. Not a lot of customer choice there!

In business there is one thing you have to take notice of and that's the customer. If the customer says them want XP you sell them XP, don't tell them they need Vista that is much more expensive, needs a much faster computer with lots more memory etc, the customer does not want to hear that.

It should not come as a surprise to Microsoft that if they don't sell XP then someone else will. They should not be complaining, they should be selling what people want.

For my part I detest Vista, it seems to make life difficult for me, it's full of features I don't need and pure 'eye candy' flashy things that do nothing for me except use computer resources. I already have one Apple computer, it's brilliant. No viruses, easy to use and does everything just how I expect it.

I will not be buying Microsoft again and that's thanks to Vista.

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