How to throw away your place in history
Friday, 05 December 2008 09:15

Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them, others have the chance to be great but when the moment comes they run and hide. So it was when the police came knocking at parliament

Mr Martin and Ms Pay no doubt revel in the kudos of being the legitimate successors in tradition of the Black Rod who refused entry to King Charles.

When the moment arrived for them to show their mettle and go down in history as the modern refusers of entry to Parliament they did not rise to the occasion. Rather they metaphorically ran and hid in a corner.

The headlines would have shown Martin and Pay as popular heros, the modern Black Rod!

We have all at some time watched television detective stories where the police arrive at premises and are refused entry because they did not have a search warrant. It beggars belief that Ms Pay would simply admit the police to the House. According to recent newspaper reports Ms Pay was refused an audience with the Queen after her appointment on the grounds that she was not suitable for the post.

Our verdict on this affair will make little difference, in reality this column will be read by people but nothing will change, apathy will continue to rule and Labour will limp on from crisis to crisis until finally they have to go to the people.

Here's the real message of this story, history will have the last word. Historians will pour over Martin and Pay's role in this affair and come to the conclusion that they had their chance for greatness but threw it away.


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