Speaker should resign today
Wednesday, 03 December 2008 15:10

Time for speaker Martin to resign.

If all the man can do is experess regret that he was not told that the police who wanted to search Damian Green's office did not have a search warrant it's time he went.

Has the man never seen an old TV plod episode where the police arrive at a house and want to come it and the owner tells them to show a warrant or get lost. What kind of people are running parliament?

It appears that the Sergeant at Arms, Jill Pay signed a police search warrant waiver - one has to question whether anyone should ever sign such a waiver. In a recent article the Daily Mail says . . .

"Contrary to all normal protocol, the Queen declined to grant Miss Pay an audience. She did so because she and her advisers had grave concerns about the new incumbent's suitability."

The queen's advisers look like they hit this nail squarely on the head.

In the Daily Mail's photograph Ms Pay does look like she enjoys her regalia.

No doubt about it, Martin has lost the plot and should get on his bike. Take a look at the photo the BBC has on their article, is this the photo of a confident and competent speaker?


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