First the banks, now the carmakers, who next?
Wednesday, 19 November 2008 09:09

When there are wheelbarrow loads of tax being given to the banks you can be sure there will be a line-up, and it's the car makers who are at the head . . .

It is incredible that the government should bale out the banks, the very people who have paid themselves millions (quite literally) and caused the credit crunch. So it's not surprising that the rest of our greedy management should see the gravy train and descend on it like a pack of hungry animals.

Here we have another industry that has done nothing to save for a rainy day. If you need evidence that car makers squander money just look at their adverts, most of the time you don't even know what they are about. Look at the perks they give themselves with new cars every year and hugely discounted buys for the staff.

Sad to say these people have only themselves to blame, so it's no use coming to the taxpayer looking cold and hungry.

Our governments need to tell the car makers very firmly that they should have got their house in order before now.

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