Another fine mess in Social Services
Monday, 17 November 2008 09:52

Another fine mess in Harringay. Today we ask 'Why in the government and local authority still in denial?'

It is obvious to anyone who has two brain cells that fire together than there are serious problems in Harringay social services. BBC Panorama highlights this. Yet the official reports say there are no problems and no-one is to blame.

No-one has lost their job, no-one is demoted. The same people are running the show and making the decisions.

So how can the public have any belief?

This is management failing on a grand scale, a spectacle that we should be running coach tours to see - except that these people are paid with our money, and not paid peanuts, these are highly paid social workers and managers. Not only that, but they are in line for huge gold-plated pensions based on final salary!

The whole lot from top to bottom should be made redundant and the social service department at Harringay closed down. No service would be better than what is happening at the moment.

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