Tessa Jowell still suffering Olympic madness
Thursday, 13 November 2008 16:12

As the UK sinks into recession that will last for at least two years Ms Jowell comments that the UK would not have bid for the games if we had known, but insists things should go ahead as planned.

This is like her fellow minister committing the UK to cut carbon emmissions by 80%. There is no chance of it happening and we all know it.

Going ahead with the original olympic bid of 2.4 billion might have been possible, but now that we are talking about almost 10 billion it's crazy.

After committing wheelbarrow loads of taxpayers money to baling out the banks this government still cannot see that hosting the olympic games is a bottomless pit into which they are throwing taxpayers' money.

For example, many of the stadiums and other venues will be temporary, yes, temporary. That means they will be built, will all the costs of building, then knocked down with all the costs, waste and environmental problems caused by landfill.

We need to face facts, the UK cannot afford the 2012 games. Ms Jowell and many others are in denial. The sooner they wake up to reality the better for all concerned.

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