Glenrothes result proves you can fool all the people some of the time
Friday, 07 November 2008 15:22

Do the people in Glenrothes really know what they are doing and what day of the week it is?

Britain is in the grip of the worst financial crisis for decades, the government has mortgaged future taxes for us, our children and grand-children then dropped interest rates to encourage the very behaviour that got us into the mess. Yet still people meekly file into the polling booths and mark their Xs for the idiot party that got us into this mess.

Do these people have anything between their ears or are they so brainwashed by NuLabour propaganda, worn down by the relentless pressures of life that they just keep voting to keep things how they are.

There is a whole generation of voters who were only 7 when this lot came to power, so they know nothing else. They just don't know how things can be done differently.

Think people think. Do what labour don't want you to do - think, imagine, wish, hope! Don't just take things how they are - that's what people in soviet russia did!

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