2012 London Olympics funding
Saturday, 23 August 2008 19:28

2012 London Olympics Funding

Boris Johnson says he is absolutely determined that the London Olympics games will come in under the ₤9.3 Billion hat is the current estimate and budget. Let's just see how much that is by writing it out ₤9 300 000 000

That's right, nine thousand three hundred million.

We're told that the country can't afford decent personal care for the elderly, decent pensions, proper education, grants for students, drugs for cancer patients, but money can be found for 3 weeks of sporting troughing. It seems there's something wrong here.

If this country can afford a massive jolly of sport, surely is can afford some of the things that Gordon Brown and the other incompetents say we can't have.

The prediction of this website is that the eventual cost will be around ₤20 billion, but the figure will be massaged so that the public never knows the true extent of this maddnes, just like the real costs of nuclear power, we'll never know. That's just how government likes it.

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